Localizations planned for OmniFocus 2?

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I noticed that the current beta builds are not localized.
Is that something that will come in a later build or is it planned for after the initial release?



cortig from the 1Password Crowdin translation project, I assume? :)

Yes, I do localize on Crowdin too (mostly 1Passwords, but a few other smaller projects too) :-)
I also used to localize the OmniApps in French up until the whole thing was given to a third party company for all languages (but I still take care of the freeware — when I get a non-compiled build).
Obviously, localizations are fairly close to my heart.


Localizations are not going to be included in the 2.0 release. I expect we’ll start the localization process as soon as we stop changing text in the app and the documentation, but it takes a while.

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Very good to know. Thanks a million for the details.
If you need help proofreading the localization (at least in French) then, do not hesitate to let me know!


One more case for localization: Omnifocus 2 problem with dates

Any updates on this?

Today’s 2.0.3 update should fix most of the date issues.

We’re still waiting on translations of the app itself. (I suspect the reason it’s taking so long is because the app’s built-in help is pretty hefty—it’s the full OmniFocus 2 for Mac user manual, which works out to 227 pages in iBooks. They’re almost done now, but next time we’ll look into translating the documentation separately so the interface can ship sooner.)

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Thanks for the update Ken!


Could you say something about a date for releasing the german language?

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Localizations are now available in test builds. (The Chinese localization is temporarily missing. It should be back in the builds later today.)

You can download them here: http://omnistaging.omnigroup.com/omnifocus-2/
We’d really appreciate an email (omnifocus@omnigroup.com) if you notice any text that didn’t get localized, or doesn’t fit, or is buggy in some other way.

What is the meaning of localization? Could I write “завтра” instead of “tomorrow” in the due field if I use Russian? If yes how can I enable this feature in test build? I should mention that I use English in “input sources” in OS X and Russian calendar settings.

You should be able to type ‘tomorrow’ and similar phrases in either English or your primary language set in System Preferences > Language & Region (if it’s one of the languages we’ve localized to).

If it’s not working for you, please provide a screenshot of your settings in this window:

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I can type in English and my primary language is English too. But. My second language is Russian and Region settings are in Russian including date and time format. I can type “понедельник” insted of “Monday” just now but my question is could I type “завтра” instead of “tomorrow”, “на следующей неделе” insted of “next week”? I suppose it is somehow possible if my primary language is Russian but is it possible in my configuration? Yes, I know that sometimes in Russian it becomes longer to type but language switching is more painful :)

P.S. another similar case

Right now, if English is set as your primary language, that is the only one OmniFocus recognizes for dates. I’ve filed a feature request for extending this.

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Tried to switch to Russian as main - works like a charm. “Завтра, вчера” work. Still miss the ability to use Russian having English as main system language. If I can vote for the feature request please give give me a link.

We don’t expose our feature request list anywhere public, but you are always welcome to email us at omnifocus@omnigroup.com. In this particular case, I’ve already noted your request.

You can open this URL to switch the OmniFocus language to Russian:


To switch back to using your system’s default language, use this:


After using either of these links, you’ll need to quit and reopen OmniFocus so that it knows to start using the new language setting.

The URL switched the Omnifocus’s language to RU. All keywords are working now. The thing is that it’s not the solution but a workaround in my case because the trick includes translating the OF’s interface into RU.

My scenario is:
System language: English
System Region: Russian
Omnifocus Interface: English (=System)
Omnifocus Keywords, dates etc.: Russian (=Region)

Is it possible to somehow enable this combination in this or future releases?