Location and due date combination?

Hi there,
I’ve go a customer with a recurring task every Monday on a special place. Is it possible to get the information via location only on Monday or after if it’s overdue?

I’m more then once a week there and I don’t want to get a notification every time I’m there. Only Monday is interesting for this task :)

I think you should forget the due date, and start experimenting with the defer date. If you set this to anyting in the future (let’s say, next monday), the task will be marked as unavailable until next monday, so the location-based notification will only popup starting next monday.

I think you misunderstood this: It is a recurring task and I don’t want to set it every week again :)

Yes: a recurring task, with a defer date, maybe you also need to change the repeat interval from ‘due again’ into ‘defer another’ for the right effect.

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This works great - thank you :)