Location AND TIME based context

wouldn’t it be great to have location based contexts extented to location&time and to have the “nearby” perspective extented to “nearby&now”?

For example, I have a context “office@working hours”. I would use this context e.g. if I had to call the finance office. I can only do this within a limited time frame and only at my office (I need some documents and privacy). Often, I am at my office outside working hours and during working hours I am often outside my office.

Wouldn’t this make a good feature request? Or are there already other ways to implement an automatic here&now perspective?


Amen! ++++++++++++

I have been thinking about the same. If that was existing you could do a lot fun. Imagine for example if you had an template for let us say conferences, And a few of these tasks was set with timestamps eg conference day + 2 days, conference day - 10 days and so on. From my experience that works quite well, but what if you have not decided the next time you you will go to the office, maybe you have some time off or will continue travel after a long conference? If there was an extended location & time you could add your geolocation for the office to the script. So the usual tasks like unpack your bag, summon contacts and so on, show up the next you´re in office and would like to see the. Right now you can only use either timestamps or geolocations. And this ins only one use of this that I could think off. Great initiative and I will follow this thread.

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tine would be the top feature for me. It will help to:

  1. Remove all the clutter from the morning hours dedicated to challenging tasks
  2. Schedule calls to different time zones
  3. Schedule calls to the businesses with fixed working hours.

Emailing in is the way to go guys. Only official way to have feature (or supoort) requests registered and considered.