Location-based reminders repeating

Is anyone else suffering from location-based reminders going off every few minutes?

I’ve widened the radius to be as large as possible, as I read that locations close to the edge can trigger repeatedly, but I’m still being reminded every few minutes, when I haven’t changed my location.

Also, if I use an app that uses GPS, then OF reminds me once again.

Any ideas?



Hi Nick,

Known Issue
I have heard other OmniFocus users have experienced a similar result when close to the boundary, as there is no setting to delay the location reminder until you’ve been at the location for a certain amount of time. As a result, if you enter the boundary multiple times because you are near the edge, duplicate reminders can happen as you have arrived more than once according to the location information. We have had requests to add a setting so until you arrive and stay for # time, we don’t consider you at the location. If you aren’t near the edge of the boundary where you are crossing the location boundary multiple times, the problem you are experiencing is different.

Isolate Scope
To try to isolate the issue, can you set up a location based reminder on a list in reminders that is not the one OmniFocus picks up (So create a new list just to test, set it up at the same location). Do you get the same behavior with iOS Reminders? Do you use iCloud syncing? Can you try with iCloud syncing off and with it on to see if there is a difference? There are a few cases I’ve read about where using iCloud across multiple devices can cause duplicate reminders. If the duplicates show up in Reminders when we take OmniFocus out of the loop, the solution is going to be found on the iOS side, and I’d be interested in what advice Apple could provide to help solve it.

If OmniFocus Only
If it happens only with OmniFocus and not with your iOS reminders in general, I’d like to try your steps here to see if I can reproduce the problem. Let me know, if so, what are the repeat options you are using when you set up the reminder? What device are you using OmniFocus on? How are you creating your Reminders? If you are using Siri, can you give me an example of the phrasing you use to add the reminder (not with your real data, but just a made up example)? Are you using the default reminders list, or a custom list? What steps use the GPS to cause the duplicate reminder to appear? What other app can I use to test with to try to reproduce your steps? If you have time to help me reproduce this issue, it may be something we can fix on our side.

I’m sorry to hear you are dealing with duplicate reminders. I hope that we can isolate the issue and find a solution.