Location of "Direction chooser" of Diagram Layout

Hi, Love your work.

I have just updated to the latest version and I’m missing something.
Before, in the Diagram Layout tab, when you chose “Hierarchical”, I would get a second menu that had the options for vertical and horizontal layouts of the diagram … now its gone.

Where can I set the direction of a Hierarchical diagram now?
Please help

Sorry about that! This is a bug in OmniGraffle 6.2. It will be fixed in the forthcoming OmniGraffle 6.2.1.

If you purchased OmniGraffle 6 directly from us, you can download the test build that contains the fix from http://omnistaging.omnigroup.com/omnigraffle-6/. While it’s not a final version, it’s quite stable, and it contains several other fixes for regressions in OmniGraffle 6.2.

If you purchased OmniGraffle 6 from the Mac App Store, you’ll need a temporary license in order to run the test build. Please contact us at OmniGraffle@omnigroup.com to obtain one.