Lock an outline to make it uneditable

I have a large outline that is basically a reference document. At this point it would be nice to make it “uneditable”. Basically just lock it down. The little “note” icon would just disappear. The text entry cursor would not appear. No possibility of making an inadvertent change. No annoying graphics when you are simply referencing the document.

Obviously, if you really wanted to edit it some more, you could “unlock” somewhere. But while in its “locked” state it would looked as simple as possible with no editing tools visible etc.

I don’t think the OmniOutliner interface would reflect it, but how about locking the file from the Finder? I expect that OO would allow you to edit the file, but you wouldn’t be able to save it (or, perhaps, you’d only be able to save as a new file).


Just tried it myself: works beatifully, you even get a pale “Locked” in the window’s name bar. And if you do try to edit it, you’re offered choices.

Apple got it right. This time ;-)

Thanks for feedback and a solution that I had not thought of. It is helpful but gets me only part way to what I would like. All the editing tools and distractions remain. But at least, you cannot inadvertently change the file.