Locked .jpgs in OF tasks

I use OmniFocus to track reimbursements–I take a picture of a receipt and then later need to drag it from the OF task into a Finder folder. However, the .jpg is consistently locked and won’t allow me to do that. Is there a setting to unlock it?

Are you dragging the attached picture directly from OmniFocus into a folder in Finder or are choosing to “Open with Preview.app” or “Reveal in Finder” after control-clicking (right-click/ two-finger click) on the picture in OmniFocus?

Also, can you clarify what version of OmniFocus and OS X you are running?

I’m double-clicking the image from the OF task note to open in Preview, then trying to drag the file into Finder from the Preview icon (plus padlock) to the left of the title.

This is on the latest OF 2 on the latest version of Sierra.

Is there a default setting I can change so that the files/image attachments aren’t locked at all?

I’m afraid the attachment file lock state is not something that can be changed via a setting. If you need to extract a copy of the file, there are a few options:

  • Drag the file directly out of the OmniFocus outline into a Finder window (or your Desktop)
  • When viewing the attachment in Preview, chose File, hold down the ⌥ (option) key on your keyboard and choose Save As… Then direct it to the new location
  • Choose View ‣ Attachment List, select the attachment, and click Export

There may be other ways, but I hope one of these works for you!

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Thanks, Steve–this is helpful.

I’m curious to hear more about the reasoning behind deciding to lock attachment files?

Glad that helped! The Finder lock state addressed a bug in OmniFocus 1, where customers edited attachments in place and expected those edits to update in OmniFocus and sync to their other devices (they don’t, since once a file attached, it’s effectively treated as read-only). Hope that clarifies a bit!

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