Long notes are so difficult to work with (iPad, iPhone and OS X)

I am struggling to work with long notes on OmniFocus (it’s much easier to have status and all the reference data for project in Omni, just a click away from its actionable items). The notes frequently go much beyond multiple screens even on Mac (not to say on iPad or iPhone).

There are numerous problems with long notes in Omni:

  1. On iPad with the Note zoomed to the full screen, tapping in the middle of the text to edit it actually resets the scroll position to the top of the note – requiring me to scroll again to the same piece, now with a half screen

  2. on iPhone, switching between View and Edit mode for a long note also breaks cursor position in both ways:
    = when viewing in the middle of a note, tapping on a specific piece of text moves scroll position to a seemingly random different position
    = tapping on the Note tab from edit mode moves scroll to a different position than where I was editing
    Both make it really hard to switch from View to Edit and back for a long note.

  3. On OS X, adding a few lines to the beginning of a note with a keyboard is always so-many-keystrokes:
    = Cmd-’ (to start editing notes)
    = Cmd-A, Left Arrow (to move to the top of the note, risking to delete it altogether with an accidental letter pressed