Looking for better print output

I occasionally need to print all remaining tasks for a given project to review with managers at work. I use the Print option in the File menu which gets the job done, but the document doesn’t show what I see on the screen (status circle, flag, etc.). Also subtasks are indented, but I would like to see the faint lines in between tasks and subtasks (it would make a long list of tasks easier to review). Also, it appears that all tasks are printed not just the project I am working on when printing. Last, I don’t see any of my task notes.

Is there a setting that I can change to show the tasks as they are on the screen when I print them? If not is there another solution perhaps.

Much thanks!


Hi Luis,

Check out https://support.omnigroup.com/omnifocus-2-modify-print-stylesheet/ as an option, with included examples. Good luck!


Thank you, Lanette. I’ll give it a try (I’m coding challenged). Can you recommend a site I can check if I run into any trouble applying the change? Thanks again.

There are some examples provided in the support article that are pretty good! Hopefully one of those will suit your purposes without much editing. The “Compact” version is good for data density and it shows notes!


Thank you, Lanette! I will give it a try today.

I’ve been trying to get a version that shows the checkoff circles and any flags and I can’t get it to work, does anyone have a way to modify the print template to show those items?