Looking for feature: context to project switch

I’ve been with OF since it was Kinkless, though my practice of using GTD has flowed and ebbed, flowed and ebbed.

I’m returning to a ‘flow’ period with OF2, and I’ve noticed that OF2 is missing a feature of OF1 whose name I can’t recall.

The I remember it working was this: I have an action selected in context view, but its Project is not obvious. I could click on some icon (maybe called ‘switch’), and the perspective would switch to the Project view of the same action. Here, I could see the action in the context of its predecessor and successor. I could then click on the ‘switch’ icon again and return to the Context view of the action.

I don’t write my actions in ways that contain references to their Project (or sub-project), so many perspectives that divorce actions from their Project context leave me wanting a bit more out of OF.

So, am I missing something in the way that OF2 functions?

@jasonemiller not sure if this is exactly what you mean, but try right click > show in projects. You can do the same to go back to contexts.


Or you could simply hit ⌥⌘R on the keyboard, to achieve the same — just faster.

There is this new Help/Keyboard Commands guide in OF2, which is great. I recommend.