Looking for Mail application that monitors my mail

(I put this in the OmniFocus section since there are a lot of productive energy here, and maybe there are some kind of integration with Mail.app that I have missed)

To do my work properly I am dependent of collegues, suppliers and clients that actually answers my mails, and do what I order them to do.

To control this, I have various help from other applications, as well as a “Monitor” mailbox in Mail.app.

I imagine that a lot of people have the same “problem” - ie people don’t always do what you want them to do… :p

Therefore I am looking for a mail application that do something like this:

  1. I send a mail.
  2. The moment the mail leaves it also enters a “monitor queue”.
  3. After N days (2 perhaps as default) a dialogue or something pops up that asks if this has been solved, with some options on what to do (Demand answer, This has been solved, Defer, Resend etc etc)


  • If an answer to the original mail enters during the monitor time it will automatically leave the queue.
  • You should of course be able to remove and add things to the queue manually.

I have experimented with the rules section in Mail.app, but it seems that rules are not triggered by outgoing mail.

Any of you fellows that got any ideas for how to create this workflow?

I don’t know if this can help you, but you can make an apple script for this purpose

I have thought about that, but I could not really see the advantage. Maybe because I’m not so good at AppeScript.

Check Indev’s MailTags (and MailActOn). I think it does exactly what you’re looking for.