Looking for sync subset suggestions

For quite a while now, I’ve been using OmniFocus for both personal and work projects and misc. tasks. Working in and around IT, on both projects and various kinds of support, I rely on it heavily to maintain the appearance of a functioning medium-term memory across context switches :)

I recently was able to get my company laptop switched to a Mac, which creates the possibility of not always using two computers, which would be great.

Has anyone else found a good workflow for syncing a subset of an OmniFocus database to a work machine?

Ideally, the personal machine would have personal and work project hierarchies, as it does now, but the work machine, laden with your standard-issue corporate spyware and so on, and potentially having multiple users, would never have the personal subset of the database synced to it. Ideally I can still review all pending tasks and due dates in one place. Currently I’m hosting a WebDAV server, and I’d prefer to keep doing that.

You can’t. You can either have 2 different sync files, or use Focus mode on your machines to show you just personal or work.

Hmmm. It gets weird when you don’t fully trust a computer and care about privacy. I could keep things completely separate, but that would get inconvenient sometimes.

Maybe I could mount an encrypted volume, kinda thing, for peace of mind, then exclude the path(s) from the corporate backup software. That might work, doesn’t sound difficult. Could use a DMG and some symlinks if not an APFS feature.

Anybody know where OmniFocus puts all its local data? I’m guessing in ~/Library/, maybe in multiple places?

This is the reason I use a personal iPad next to my work laptop as an essential part of my workflow. My employer has no problem providing OmniFocus licenses to employees, but it doesn’t make sense to install it on my work machine when that means I’d need two different databases in order to maintain my privacy. Ideally, Omni would make it possible to do a limited or partial sync, but in place of that, the ability to share tasks (so that I would essentially have a work OF and a personal OF and have work-related tasks shared between the two ‘people’) would probably suffice.

This is also why I’m beholden to the iPad version of OF, which is, frankly, terrible. Action groups are useless and if you are used to breaking complex tasks down into multiple steps with some semblance of hierarchy, it’s remarkably time-consuming and the workflow is a frustrating mix of keyboard-accessible and screen-touch-reliant.

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