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I have a situation where I am able to use custom Perspectives on one device but not another, and my memory of the history is a little hazy! I was originally running the iPhone version of the OmniFocus app (version 2, if I remember rightly) on an iPhone 4s, and I opted for a special offer on a bundle with the universal app around July 2015. If I remember correctly, this bundle brought the Pro features to the app on my iPhone 4s. For example, on the iPhone 4s, I can customize the view and I can see custom Perspectives.

When I more recently bought an iPhone 6s Plus and installed OmniFocus 2 on it, however, I found I no longer had these features and I could not activate them by using “Check for Free Upgrade,” nor “Restore Purchases” (which said purchases had been restored but that the Pro Upgrade was not one of them). So I currently have a 4s with access to the Pro features, but a 6s Plus without access to them.

Is there a way to activate the Pro upgrade on my newer phone?

In settings, about, restore?

Try that if you havent yet

Thanks for your thoughts. I had a look in Settings -> About OmniFocus and I didn’t see any option for “Restore.” What I’ve previously tried already is Settings -> Upgrade to Pro -> Restore Purchases. Is that what you were referring to? If so, unfortunately that did not work.

I would contact support to see if they can help you track this down. They frequent the forums when they can, but email is still the quickest way to get ahold of them.

Thanks for the suggestion and for also providing the address for quick reference. I suspect you’re right, perhaps contacting Support is the best way forwards in the end.

Omni were very responsive and managed to help solve the problem. I was very pleased. In case it is of use to other people too, I’ll post their explanation and the solution:

Thanks for sending the screenshots! To explain the message you see on your 4s: customers who had bought OmniFocus 2 for iPhone prior to the version 2.5 update are able to see context based perspectives that were created in the Mac app. However, this only allows limited access to custom perspectives; a Pro edition was not available on iPhone before the Universal app’s release. If you own OmniFocus 2 for iPhone (legacy support edition) and had been running the Pro version of OmniFocus on your Mac on your personal machine, this is why you were able to see context based perspectives on your iPhone.

Folks in your situation who had purchased the legacy edition of OmniFocus 2 for iPhone are also able to access these features within the universal iOS app. The message that you see at the bottom of your 4s indicates that you had the legacy edition. However, these features should be installed within the universal iOS app on your second iPhone as well. The way to get these to appear on your second iPhone would be to have the legacy edition of OmniFocus 2 reinstalled on this second device. You should be able to re-install it through the App Store following the steps below:

-Open the App Store directly on your iPhone under the same Apple ID that you made the original purchase under
-Tap “Updates” at the bottom of the screen
-Touch “Purchased”. If you scroll through the list of apps you’ve previously purchased —and if you’ve purchased OmniFocus 2 for iPhone under that Apple ID (it has a white checkmark)—you will find it in that list.
-Tap the iCloud icon to reinstall the app on your device.

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