Love Custom Columns - but can I change the order?

Hi, I love the new custom column layout but I really want to be able to change the column order.

I want to move the Flag next to the Complete circle. Can I do this?

The reason is that OF still does have the option to automatically remove the Flag when completing a repeating item so I have to do it manually and currently one is to the left and the other to the right of the layout.

Any votes to support getting the option added for automatic removal of the flag when completing repeating items might just help this preference get added.


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It’s not currently possible to rearrange the order of columns in OmniFocus, but I’ve let the team know you’d like to see this in a future release. Thanks for letting us know that’d benefit your use!

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With so many great features for OmniFocus, I can understand why not being able to Manually change the order of tasks in a column has been left out?? And why does everything have to go to the very bottom of the list which might be massively long as in my case most of the time. It would be so nice to have the ability to set for each new item in a column goes the top. it seems a lot of people are asking for this for a very long time??