Love the implementation of the review process in OF2

Just did my first Weekly Review in OF2. I love how it focuses in each project and then clears it and moves on to the next. Really allows for increased focus. Just one small suggestion. How about keeping the coffee cup icon for “Review” and bringing back an updated “stamp” icon for marked reviewed. Thanks for all your work on this!


I agree that Review process is a delight in OF2. However, I don’t miss the big (dare I say ugly?) rubber stamp icon from OF1. The tidy “Mark Reviewed” button in the upper right hand corner is perfect, IMO.

I just did my first review in OF2. Honestly, I preferred how it was done in OF1.

Agree - just did my first review. Really is a delight to use. Well done.

I do miss how it is done in OF1 where I can peek ahead into the future to see what needs to be reviewed.

But I think it’s a blessing in disguise to have it done the OF2 way. It forces me to not spend any more time reviewing than necessary. I would be procrastinating endlessly and stay in review mode longer than I need to when I was doing it the OF1 way. In OF2, I review what I need to review and get back to “doing” instead of reviewing and planning.

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heeehehe, protecting You from Your worst enemy… Yourself… I am so anticipating this ;-)

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I’m curious, those of you who like it better in OF2, what is it, specifically, that you like better?

In OF1, I could see all the projects laid out in that “review every x weeks/months” group. I could dip into those that deserved more attention and I could fly over those that didn’t. Now OF2 makes me deal with EVERY project individually. Took me a lot more time in OF2 than in OF1. Maybe I’m missing something, and if so, I look forward to seeing what the buzz is about. But right now, if I could I would absolutely take how review was handled in OF1

My sentiments exactly.

Have you tried setting up a review perspective like in OF1? I think you can group by Next Review, just like before, and you can add the “Mark Reviewed” function to the toolbar.

When I do a weekly review, I review all of my projects. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a review for me. That’s always been the case for me. So although OF1 was effective, I like the implementation of the project review feature better in OF2

you can always go to the project perspective tab to go to project mode. Then highlight a project. When you’re done fiddling with the selected project, hit command-shift-R or Edit > Mark Reviewed. Then go down to the next project and repeat.

I do a daily review where I can break the weekly review down into small bit-sized pieces. Otherwise, it would take me 90 minutes in one session. I’ve heard some folks who dread doing the weekly review because it can take them hours just to get through everything. Spreading out the 90 minute review throughout the week makes the review process easier.

But I also like to do a monthly review that looks at everything as a whole.

But there are also some projects that don’t need to be reviewed often. If the project needs more attention and babying, I’ll set a shorter review cycle. If the project only needs to be checked every once in a blue moon, I’ll set a longer review cycle.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

I can understand how that’s true for some people, but definitely isn’t for me. I’ve got some projects that require very frequent oversight (multiple times per week), others that require no review at all (i have a number of projects that are checklists, for example).

Here’s my point. The way OF1 did it allowed you go to project by project if you wanted to, or look at your projects in groups and expedite the review if you wanted. So if you wanted to do what OF2 does, you could absolutely do that. OF1 would allow you to do what OF2 does, OF2 does NOT allow you to do what OF1 does, unless lucas’ idea of a review perspective works. I gotta try that.

Still not seeing anything new or remotely close to “wow” with respect to OF2 review functionality.

I find this to be one of the hidden gems in OF. By precisely not having to review each project every time, even the review process becomes more streamlined and efficient. One of the gazillion reasons making OF unique.

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agree that being able to set the review cycle at the project level is an awesome feature. Just being clear, that was available in OF1, as well.

well, maybe not being the new killer feature but on the other hand- I felt the topic is not so much OF2- specific and the feature not obvious- in regard to workflow it’s essential… So I could correct my cheer to “one of the gazillion features STILL making OF unique” ;D