Low cost alternatives to OmniPlan for temporary use

I need to work through a Microsoft Project Plan and make some adjustments to it to set up and run a mock project – but part of the time I’ll only have a Mac with me.

It’s a one-time use scenario–I don’t have the need to use PM software beyond this case and can’t justify the cost of Omniplan. However I suspect it will take slightly longer than the 14 days that’s available on Omniplan’s trial.

Really all I need is something that can import a MS Project and allow me to make base adjustments to it. I don’t need to write back to the MS Project file, nor do I really need reporting, charts, or collaboration.

Any suggestions beyond OmniPlan? I’m half-tempted to just load everything into Excel or Numbers and work from there.

You might be able to use the trial version of Merlin Project from ProjectWizards. It’s a good product. I can’t remember what, if any, limitations the trial has, but I think it’s 30 days

Thanks, I’ll take a look at that.
OmniPlan choked on the MS Project file I was given, unfortunately.