Mac App Store vs Omni Store

Are there differences between the apps sold on the Mac App Store and the Omni Store?

I guess not.

The difference with the non-MAS (Omni store) app are (in my view):

  • the upgrade policy (discounts) will always be more flexible;
  • you will always get the updates 1st;
  • you will have access to public-beta releases*;
  • your money is going directly to support Omni**.

* only consider this in case you are tech savvy and are willing to help the development of the product.

** even though I like Apple a lot, their inflexible app store policies and huge pile of cash make me feel very comfortable in putting all my hard earned money to support a great developer/team, whenever I can :-D


Here’s my quick summary:

  • Both: Identical app features. Free tech support for life. Install on all your personal Macs. Easy to update.
  • App Store: easy to buy, easy to install.
  • Omni Store: more flexible pricing, full access to previously shipped versions and test builds under development.

For more detail, see “Mac App Store or Omni’s online store? Your choice!”—my original blog post on the subject (from the launch of the Mac App Store).


Continuing the discussion from Mac App Store vs Omni Store:

Out of curiosity – does the status of the app (MAS or Omni’s online store) affect whether the app is sandboxed?

I have two questions/clarifications:

  1. Test builds will not be available to those who purchase thru the MAS, correct?
  2. Do you expect the OmniFocus 2 Pro -> OmniFocus 3 Pro upgrade path in the MAS to be like the OmniGraffle 5 Pro -> OmniGraffle 6 Pro was (free)?