Mac Stickies: Storing general info in OmniFocus

I currently have about a dozen Stickies currently “pinned” to one of my monitors. This is stuff I need fairly frequent access to - vendor info, work order stuff, etc. - that don’t have a single project home. For example:

Invoice #XXXXXXX

If I create a project for each activity like this (“STORMWATER/MS4 OUTFALL SAMPLING”) I’ll be eat up with placeholder projects that don’t accomplish anything but store general info. I’d like to have all this stored in OmniFocus rather than constantly splashed across one screen at all times. Is there an independent “note” function in OmniFocus similar to stickies? Or a simple hack that accomplished the same thing?

There’s nothing like Stickies but actions and projects can have a note. In iOS it’s the tab to the right of “Info” when you tap into an action or project to edit. On the Mac it’s in the inspector for an item or you can add notes in line. You could have a “Work To Do” project and enter this info in the notes field, and add actions when stuff comes up. I guess you could even add the notes as actions within a “Work Notes” project (if you don’t like the notes function), and just be careful not to “complete” them as long as you want to keep them. You could set the status to On Hold so they don’t show up in any other perspectives of available tasks.

I actually just use the Apple Notes app for miscellaneous notes. I do use the OmniFocus notes when the note is closely related related to a project or task.

I use the app Bear to save reference information/meeting notes for projects in Omnifocus. Bear lets you copy each note as a link, which I paste into the appropriate OF project’s note section (makes switching from OF to Bear quick).

I’ve started using OF3 for sticky notes, which I identify via a “Note” tag. I exclude “Notes” from my activity perspectives (I actually have a “Hidden” supertag of which “Note” is a subordinate, and I exclude “Hidden”). I also have a “Notes” perspective that just displays notes.

The “Note” title is often the entire content, but I also use the note section for more information if necessary.

Seems to work fine.

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An update on this. I originally used DEVONthink Pro Office for notes before migrating to a handy app called “Agenda”. Most of my notes are tied to events so Agenda was a better fit than a folder structure. However, I discovered that I could emulate most of what I did in Agenda in OF3 so I now use DEVONthink for files and web content and have retired Agenda entirely.