Magnification Object - Offset magnified version of an object?

I have a case where I want to magnify a section of an object to provide some detail in my diagrams but I do not want that the magnification to be directly over the original object. Is there any way to define a section to magnify then offset the magnified version of the object some distance away?

In this example I worked around the limitation with a screenshot of the section I wanted to magnify and two magnets to attach the arrow to the orange lines in the magnified section. I’d like to be able to put some of this information (albeit small at normal page sizes) actually attached to the orange connector lines in the smaller section I have defined with the magnified version showing that section in easier to read detail.

Just being able to link/move the magnification off the original object directly is all I’m looking for to make that section movable and more dynamic in my documents instead of having to use either

  • a static image from a quick screenshot of the area I wanted magnified and adding the detail into the static image object
  • or another copy of the object(s) zoomed in with the required information attached to the second magnified version

Hopefully I’ve not confused everybody with this question. Either way thanks for your time!

You can magnify by creating a shape and choosing settings like these, but there is no way to offset that:


I think the second solution you outlined might be a good approach to try.



What I outlined is what I went with for now. It works and gives the visualization I wanted for the document but it does take a few minutes to draw & configure. I’ll just make it a stencil so I can put it out there quickly and add in the image and magnets. Hopefully when someone else updates the drawings then they can figure out what I did and repeat it without error. ☺

Thanks for the response!