Mail Clipper features with OmniFocus Mail Drop?

I’ve used both over the years, but being able to add Project and Context to the inbound email is the killer feature missing from Mail Drop.

Has there been any discussion on adding the features of the Mail Clipper to Mail Drop for OmniFocus?

Evernote allows that through its mail-in document service by parsing the Subject line for @folder-name and #tag1 #tag2 ... notation. That works really well.

I would urge Omni to consider an alternative implementation for its email interface – perhaps in addition to the current Mail Drop service – whereby one might register an email address on an isolated SMTP (email) server as part of OmniSync.

What that would allow is for users to “add” that email account to their devices – Mac, iPhone, iPad, whatever – and then use their ordinary email client’s “move to folder” or “copy to folder” actions to get email messages into their Evernote database in the cloud.

The OmniSync SMTP server would be “isolated” in the sense that it could not be used to send or receive conventional email: its sole purpose would be to provide an authenticated, POPS or IMAPS (encrypted) one-way, folder-API gateway into the Evernote cloud.

In Mail , that would involve a drag-and-drop action, or you may be able to set up Mail Rules that operate on these as soon as you drop them into the “OmniSync” email account.

iPhone and iPad wouldn’t deal with it any differently than any other email account, and their email clients could be used in analogous ways to shuttle things (or copies of things) into Evernote – completely eliminating the troublesome, platform-specific code in the various Evernote apps.