Mail custom actions

Hi all!
I am trying to overcome the following problem:
I create a task in OF to reply to an email, drop it inside a project later on, then reply and put the action in context/tag “waiting for reply” as I need some feedback to my own reply. Then I get a reply after a week or so, and have to get back to the task, and manually change the tag to reflect the fact that I am supposed to do something with that feedback.
So I need to check my mail manually and often for specific replies, instead of having an automated flow.
I would like to build a shortcut that could do this for me, finding the OF action and changing the tag.

I have been inspecting a bit of automation scripts for OF,
I was wondering if someone already worked out a solution for this problem or if you have suggestions.

My idea was to wrap a “find action by name” with a change tags or similar, and drop the logic in a shortcut that can be run from the mail app or run in the background, unsupervised.
but matching by a pattern in the email name could be wrong, the best would be to search the action looking for the mail thread pasted in the notes.

Any clue?

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