Mail Service to send selected text to inbox or specific project?


I love the Mail service to “OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox” for how it sends the selected email’s subject to the inbox but I would like to customize this service.

I would like for it not to automatically send the subject line but instead send the text I have selected. I often get a list of jobs from clients within one email and I want to be able to highlight each job name and send it to my Inbox. I don’t need the subject line.

I would even love to be able to send it to a specific project rather than my Inbox if that is possible. I have reoccurring jobs from year to year so some projects stay open for months with just various tasks within the job changing.

Can these request be created?

Thanks for any tips.


Currently, a selection will be placed in the Notes field, rather than replacing the Action title – but we do have an open request for the OmniFocus clippings service to behave the way you’d like. Please email, so we can add you to that request.

You can tab to the Project field very quickly, once the Quick Entry box is up, and assign the item to a Project. If you are asking about a more automated process (detecting Project names, perhaps?), please include that in your email, as well.

Thank you!