Maildrop tips: help please

Hi all,

I use OF for Mac and iPhone. Could someone walk me through–in one place, and in lay terms–how to get tasks into OF from email?

Here’s what is driving me nuts. I can send task from email using Forward. But they show up unorganized in my Inbox, with “Fwd” on the subject line.

How can I schedule the task and assign a project when I send it. One time, and forget about it??


Hi @htuc! I’m sorry, but at the moment Mail Drop doesn’t support setting a project or due date directly in the email.

Mail Drop was conceived as a way of supporting capture – just getting things into OmniFocus. Later, when you process them out of your Inbox, you have a chance to set all the different metadata that supports your workflow.

If this is a feature that would help you, you can always let our Support team know about it!

When sending tasks via Mail Drop from the OS X Mail app I typically use Redirect instead of Forward. This way you won’t have the “Fwd” in the subject line or “Begin forwarded message:” in the notes field.

To redirect a message either choose Message > Redirect or press ⌘ + ⇧ + E. For convenience, you can also add the Redirect command to the toolbar using View > Customize Toolbar. I place it right beside the Forward button.

As Tim from Omni mentioned, there isn’t currently a way to schedule a task and assign a project using Mail Drop, though this would be a welcome feature that would open up some new workflows.

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this is so helpful! thanks!

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Is this feature still in the works? Would be really nice if we could schedule tasks using mail drop. Should be fairly to simple to just have a tag in the subject and correspond that to different times. Would make for some crazy good workflows using IFTT etc.


this is great

I would like to assign a context with Mail Drop. Looks like that is not possible either.

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