Maintain size before & after opening/closing inspector and sidebar panels

When I expand the sidebar or inspector panels, OmniFocus expands off the corner of my monitor. When I then collapse the sidebar or inspector panels, the remaining window size is unchanged from when the panels were open even though less content is visible. Thus, I have to re-size the window to its earlier state.

In most other Mac programs, opening a sidebar will incite a corresponding shift of the placement of the program on one’s desktop so that the entire window remains in view.

In most other Mac programs, closing said sidebar will cause the program to return to its previous size/location.

However, OmniFocus does neither of these things. Are there plans to address this in a future release?


I think it only does this if flush to the screen edge, or below a certain pixel width. There are a few other programmes (mailMate for one) that do the same thing. I am guessing it’s to ensure a minimum area to display what’s needed.

I feel almost the same as JeremyD. Though I do understand that some extra size must maybe added to have a minimum space for displaying. However when closing inspector and/or sidebar panels OmniFocus should reduce size to what it was before opening the panels.