Make several actions available after one completed

Sorry if this has been answered before, I tried a brief search of the forum. I love the way OmniFocus makes tasks ‘available’ based on completion of others but as far as I can see the only way I can see to do that is only ever one-at-a-time in sequential projects, or sequential nesting in parallel projects. Is there a way I can make several tasks available upon one being completed? I haven’t gone down the road of plugins yet but I wonder if something there might offer a solution. Look forward to responses. Thanks

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Did you tried using a parallel action group inside a sequential project ?

Can you explain how to set this up?

Yes, you create a Sequential Project. Then, create one task, open the inspector and choose the parallel option. Is this clear enough ?

OK thanks. Seems obvious when you see it but I couldn’t figure it out/wasn’t sure what the behaviour would be. Is this possible not in a sequential project though? E.g. I don’t need a whole project for when (for example) I can check off an invoice getting paid to me, and several payments to people I’ve contracted become available to make. I’d prefer that inside a single action list generally…?

Should it work as in the attached pic? Those are the settings I have though at the moment it looks like it’s showing all tasks available

That should work, too.

I believe the ‘due soon’ formatting is possibly overriding the ‘blocked’ formatting, but suspect you will find that the tasks in the second group actually do have the ‘unavailable’ status, even though it’s not immediately apparent visually.

I think Kaitlin is right. The tasks in the second group are indeed “un-available”.

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