Managing GTD "Energy" in OF?


Sorry for the late response and thanks for yours DrJJWMac. I just finished rereading David Allen’s Making It All Work and was struck again and how essential HE feels the energy option is in managing tasks (he cites several examples including a an associate who has his “brain dead” energy category. That said, I do not wish to use my one and only CONTEXT for this purpose. I still find it very hard to believe that OmniFocus - an app allegedly 100% GTD compliant STILL ignores this basic tenant of David’s teachings and blame this (and other things of course) for why I haven’t more successfully implemented this system using this software! :/


Hi. I,m not an exèrt by any means, buI I believe In September it is announced OF2 will support multiple contexts for a task. That might allow for ‘energy’ contexts in addition to the location and tool ones. Would that help this thread?


Yep…wating like everyone else for this…thanks!


wating like everyone else for this


Hasn’t OF been around for over A DECADE NOW? Omni - it’s time to step up your game on this app. Tags / Multiple Contexts to address your sorely missing “energy” implementation of Mr. Alans’ system is LONG overdue - as are more creative / inventive ways of helping users implement a system that works for them. Again, it’s been A DECADE now…consider how much Photoshop and many other essential apps evolved in the same time frame…

Thanks…still waiting…


Suggested reading:

Or, more specifically, this part:

Or, here at the forum:


Thanks Ediventurin…I’m aware it’s on the roadmap but was disappointed it didn’t happen in 2017. My concern is that this one thing will be the extent of any major new functionality for an app that begs for ongoing innovation and forward thinking development!


Disagree. OmniFocus is the best task management system for my needs and the upcoming changes are going to make it even better. Really looking forward to OF3.


I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t voice their disappointment with Omni on these forums, but this thread isn’t really about managing “energy” anymore. I won’t close it, but I’ll ask that folks keep the topic in mind when thinking about replying.


Thanks Dave. I’m a big enough fan of the app that I have owned pro and all 3 platforms for as long as you’ve shipped them. That said, I’ve really not used the app for over a year because of limitations I find impossible to get past - including the missing “energy” tag. Not trying to be a PITA but would really like to move out of limbo back into an app that addresses my needs fully and pre the GTD “scripture” lol. Thanks again and best of luck with the new roll out as well, bringing some really forward thinking development to the app to help those struggling with implementing their system.


Here is a tweet from @eddiecoyote that reminded me of the context quandary. Maybe instead of using energy, we should re-orient ourselves around the idea of using creativity and attention as contexts.

It’ll take a while to wrap your head around this one…


100% agree creativity and and attention (possibly focus) may well make a great replacement for “energy”. Regardless, OF3 can_not_come_soon_enough. My whole life feels on hold and in limbo until it does…


Up until now, I didn’t do much with the energy context in my GTD system.

This topic makes me think of Cal Newport’s definitions of deep work versus shallow work. Could be a nice idea for contexts too.

I definitely agree that focus and/or attention are similar/as important as energy.


I am now more inclined to watch my energy levels and schedule high focus tasks throughout the day.

I don’t bother with the energy labels nowadays. I know that I have high brain power between 9 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 6 pm. I time block my days and get to work on high brain power tasks (writing or a serious Big Rock project). The other times are saved for low focus tasks and administrative duties.

If I try to pick a deep work task that requires brain power, I know that I have to do them during those time blocks. Sure, I can sometimes do it during the other times but it’s not as easy. Doing any serious high focus work right after lunch will be difficult while I try to overcome a food coma.

The energy contexts were a nice experiment but it didn’t end up working for me. But maybe it’s just me? Maybe it will work for someone else?