Managing Tags conflicts between IOS and Mac

I know this is perhaps temporary given the planned September release date, but how are users managing tags conflicts (conflicts may not be the right word) between OF3 for IOS, and the current Mac version?

I find that I am losing track of items between IOS and Mac. Specifically, I have a “Waiting on” tag, and a “[Team Member Name]” tagging system on IOS (and find it great for my use case). Ex., “Jane to follow up with client and report back to me” will have the tags “Waiting on” and “Jane”. On IOS, I can look at the “Waiting on” tag to find tasks for all team members, or I can obviously drill down using the “Jane” tag to find all tasks I am waiting on from her.

On Mac, I have “Jane” as a context, but when I go to that context on the task Mac, the task “Jane to follow up with client and report back to me”, it isn’t there. Perhaps this is just a basic inability for the current Mac version to separate out multiple contexts (tags) and I am stuck until the new release. Just curious if others have found a work around. (September release cannot arrive soon enough!)


The key thing for me is to keep in mind that OF2 Mac only sees/understands the first tag as a context, and other tags aren’t accounted for.

In this use case, what I’d do is tag/context all as “Waiting on” first, with additional tags for people’s names second for iOS, but then also include the person’s name in the task so that I can look at the “Waiting on” context on Mac and search text for names.

In other words:

Jane - follow up with client and report back to me (tagged “Waiting on” first, then “Jane” second)

On iOS: I could look at my “Waiting on” tag to see all these items, or “Jane” to see all Jane items

On macOS: I would look at my “Waiting on” Context as above, or search text Jane for Jane things

So really, it’s a bit of duplication, and admittedly at risk to typos, but action titling is the key component for me, alongside care in which tag goes first.


I’ll be honest, I have gone for the easy way out regarding this feature mismatch … while I have already upgraded on iOS, I am also not using the tags as much as I could, but rather am still confining myself to one tag per action (as previously with contexts).

That does of course mean I don’t currently take advantage of the new tags feature at all. It also means that wherever I use the Forecast tag, I don’t set any other tag… (I could, if I set the Forecast tag as the second tag, though. They can be reordered by drag and drop on iOS.)

September can’t be soon enough. It’s a extra burden to keep in mind the restrictions of the different versions and database updates. I guess it was us, the users, who pushed the development enough to make them release one version way before the other.