Manual/Guide to OF3 on iOS

Hi everyone, my first post… I’m waiting on OF3 to be released (I’ve never used a previous version) for iOS (I don’t have a Mac).

I’ve just got into Getting Things Done which is how I found OF in the first place.

But, on their website they only have a guide to OF2 for Mac, nothing for iOS and I know you’re about to release OF3. So my question is, is there a manual/guide to OF3 in general or a guide to OF3 for iOS using Getting Things Done?

Thanks! :)


OmniGroup always have documentation on their apps. Inside the app there’s a help section which contains lots of information, and they have manuals for all their products on the site (though the OF3 manual isn’t up yet, but the app isn’t for sale either).

HI Tammie - sorry I’m a little late replying to this! We’ve released OmniFocus 3’s manual, which you can find here: You’ll also find the manual in-app by tapping the Settings icon, then tapping Help.


Thank you so much :)

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