Manual sorting of Flagged?

Anybody figure out a way to manually sort the Flagged Perspective?

I’m trying to make a “Today” view and I like to manually sort the items that are due today. I do the top item first, then the next item, etcetera.

I can’t seem to sort the Flagged Perspective. Nor can I sort the Forecast Perspective – though I can kind of understand that. In short, it seems like I have to fiddle the due times, or put numbers in the beginning of the Task title and then Sort by Title. Both solutions are very clunky.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Have you tried sorting your project list?

Sorting the project list doesn’t quote do what I want. When viewing a project, I can select all the tasks and perform sort once.

But when looking at my tasks for the day, I’ve got some in Project A, another in Project B, etcetera. I want to be able to order my tasks regardless of what Project they are in. I.E. Task #1 is from Project A, Task #2 is from Project C, Task #3 is from A again. Etcetera.

This is my list of tasks for the day.

(Of course what I’d really like to do is schedule them to be completed at a particular time – but OF Forecast doesn’t quite do that for me.)

I think there’s two things that work well for this. One is to set up an ordered schedule by setting times in the Defer date. In Forecast, if you show deferred tasks, then you get a list for the day organized by the time you plan to do each item.

The other way is to set up a preferred order for your contexts and projects. That will give you a list of doing everything flagged for all of your projects in context A, then everything flagged for all of your projects in context B, etc. If you get to a good order with your contexts then it saves you the time from doing the manual ordering.

I’d love to be able to use the Defer Date and the Due Dates that way. But, it’s too much work to set those fields separately (and I don’t think the estimated time even enters into the picture). If you could just drag on drop into the timeline of the Forecast and move the tasks around – that would be awesome.

This was really the feature I was most hoping for – set a time (and place) for me to work on a particular task. But, it’s too hard to do as is. I’ve fallen back for just trying to have a simple order of things to do.

Maybe that’ll come someday.