Manual sorting... rules?

I feel like I’ve missed an entry-level concept.

What defines whether a collection of actions can be manually reordered? ie. sorted manually.

Help my brain.

How are you sorting them? Just dragging usually works. I click and hold on the title of the step and drag. When you start dragging, there should be a blue line with a flat end on it to show where it go.

Both projects (if displayed hierarchically) and individual tags allow manual reordering. So, you should be able to reorder actions within the following sections:

  • Inbox
  • Projects
  • Review
  • Tags
  • Perspectives that Group and Sort by Entire Projects
  • Perspectives that Group and Sort by Individual Actions, Group by Tag, and Sort by Tags Order
  • The Tagged section of Today in Forecast (if you have a Forecast Tag setup)

Hoping I didn’t forget anything here. Does that help?


Thanks for that run down.

So, there’s no way to manually sort a perspective that’s grouped & sorted by individual actions and ungrouped?

I want a perspective that displays a single ungrouped list that I can manually reorder.

Yeah, that’s correct. Ungrouped Individual Actions perspectives only provide you with automatic sorting options.

That’s frustrating… thanks for explaining.

This has been a problem forever, OmniFocus has never been easy to manually sort items without a lot of gyrations, such as making sure all your desired items have the same context. I really wish they’d be willing to fix this.

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In a manually sorted list, is the sort order exposed to (accessible by) AppleScript?

In other words, could I use a script to manipulate the sort order?

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