Many Location Reminders needed, how to do properly?

Hi, I’m a frequent traveller. I wanted to use OmniFocus as my database for interesting places to visit during my trips since I get a lot of suggestions for nice places. I have them currently in an Excel spreadsheet, which contains the following data: name of place, address, sort of place (museum, cafe, …), website, notes (like who gave me the hint or what to do there). In the spreadsheet there are around 450 items.

The main idea was to create a project called “travel ideas” and to add each item as an object with the address, website and notes and with a Location Reminder. Then, for example, I visit Miami, and I get all the places 10km around me as Location Reminders. Also I would have the “nearby” map with all the places I want to visit in the future.
However, I would have to create a context for each location which I then would attach to the object in the project. This would completely destroy the usability of my contexts, not to mention the effort and possible sources of error if I would do that for each of my 450 items.
Do you know a better way to do that in OmniFocus? I really would love to, since this is the only project which isn’t in OmniFocus.

Sounds to me as though you want a database app rather than a spreadsheet app or a task manager app.

Have you investigated such an option?


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I haven’t, maybe that’s the better option. Thank you for your answer!

I can recommend TapForms. It works on macOS and iOS devices.


I’ll have a look, thank you very much for your suggestion. However, maybe I’ll stick to Airtable. They are very simple, but for my “travel ideas”, I don’t need much functionality.