Mark ALL projects as Reviewed?

Is there any easy way to mark all projects as reviewed ? I’m looking for an easy solution to reset the ‘last reviewed’ date for all my projects. Going into each project would be an 2nd solution.

I have an AppleScript for this …

	This script marks all projects in the OF Review as reviewed

-- script handler to hold the list of items to change

script theProjectList
	property theList : missing value
end script

-- run handler

on run
	-- get today's date
	set theDateToday to the (current date)
	tell application "OmniFocus"
		-- go to the Review
		tell the document window of the default document to set its perspective name to "Review"
		-- get the list of projects in the sidebar
		tell sidebar of front document window of default document to ¬
			set theList of theProjectList to (value of every leaf)
		-- set all as reviewed today
		repeat with theProject in theList of theProjectList
			set the last review date of theProject to theDateToday
		end repeat
	end tell
  end run



Thanks for this.

Hey thanks for this !

I ran into a error, do you know of s solution to realize this ?

Post Error “OmniFocus 1.10.6 got an error: Can’t set last review date of item to any.” number -10006 from last review date of item to any

I have no idea. Perhaps this is an OF 1 problem. The script works on OF 2.


Which folder do you need to put this script into so that it appears on the Omnifocus toolbar? I have another script that but I don’t remember how I added it. Thx!

You access folder location with this menu item.