Match up overlayed dashed lines

Sometimes I need to have >1 line going to the same destination and as a result for part line’s trace the two lines can overlap. Not an issue when the lines are solid. But when they are dashed, the sections where there are >1 line on the same trace can cause the dashes to be muddled or at worst become a solid line.

It would be great to have a way to ensure that dashed lines, when laid on top of each other, settle in to a dashed pattern that is consistent with the selected line dash pattern.

Of course this only applies when the lines have the identical line dashing pattern.


I can imagine having to line up multiple dashed lines could get a bit frustrating, and it would be really neat if OmniGraffle could smartly aligned them for you! Would you mind sending an email to about this? This helps us accurately track and record all the thoughts and suggestions we get in our development database. Thanks!