Matching un-deferred projects/groups in custom perspectives?

Is there a set of rules to match projects/groups which are not deferred? I would like to have a perspective showing all actions/projects/groups which have a tag. For I want them to be listed actions if they are available. For projects/groups, I want to know about them if they are not deferred (that is, they could still have tasks within them and therefore be “blocked” but none of those tasks might have the tag, so they should show up as being part of the perspective). Actually, ideally I would like those projects/groups to only show up in the perspective if they have the tag and none of their available sub-actions have that tag, but I would settle for just having them show up along with their sub-actions with that tag. The main part is that I don’t want them to show up if they’re deferred. The rule “Has an active project with a defer date in the future” seems like it would work along with the “None of:”, except that it will cause any project which meets the criteria, but then ends up with a sub-group which is deferred to disappear from the perspective. While I wouldn’t expect this to happen often, the chance that something will unexpectedly disappear is worse than an extra hassle of viewing extra things. Is there a way to match un-deferred projects/groups (which meet other criteria)? Thank you!