Max Database Size

Hello all! I’m a PC user but use my iPad for task management. Question for the group: is there a max database size on the iPad? My Omni is 40.4 MB on the iPad, of which 8.6 MB is docs and data. Just trying to figure out if I need to start deleting completed tasks out of my database.

Many thanks!

Hi Heather,

I don’t believe there is a limit size though I’ve seen posts where there were issues once the database got to a certain size.This is why I recommend at least once a month or so to archive your old data.

I also advise you not to keep attachments in Omnifocus as it tends to make syncs longer. Personally, I have an Evernote notebook for each of my Omnifocus projects and if I need to use any attachments in Omnifocus I just use a link to evernote instead.

LearnOmniFocus has a great YouTube video about that. I suggest you check it out.

I wonder whether OF team considers this approach as recommended (as opposed to keeping notes and attachments right inside OF). For many years I was keeping all the project-related notes (but not attachments) right next to the actions and container (meta)projects, it’s much more productive than to switch back and forth between two apps (and keeping project hierarchies in sync).

Take a look at what they say in this article:

…You can attach files in OmniFocus, but we’ll be the first to admit that tacking on megabytes and megabytes of files might not be ideal for reference material…

Thank you WhiteJacob - however, I cannot archive as I do not own a Mac.

Here is my mileage: according to OF2 Mac (Prefernces > Update > Learn what info is sent), my DB is 5.1MB plus 13.9MB in attachments. It’s 25K actions, 700 projects, 130 folders.

According to Omni support people, DBs with over 3K actions is considered large is not common. 12K actions is considered the largest size OF should normally support by design.