Maybe this is heretical, but I hate due times

I know this may not be in alignment with classic GTD philosophy, but in my workflow, I have NO use for due times. I have a fluid work schedule and just want to be able to pin some items to a particular day. So I’m left with being forced to pick a random “end of day” time that shows up in both forecast view and today widget mandatorily, even thought its completely irrelevant to my way of working. Any way to disable the display of time?

I can turn of display of Due Date in the Forecast view. If your “today” is a custom perspective, you should be able to turn it off their too.

What is different about your set up?


I don’t mind the due date column, just the time, especially in Today widget. “Today” is what I would like to see, NOT “6:00 PM”

If you turn off the Due Date Column, then you will not see any time in the Forecast view. That solves your first case. I guess otherwise that you mean the Notifications Center view (I have no clue about the “Today widget” otherwise). In this case, at best, you probably have to submit a feature request to OmniGroup.


Turning off due col in Projects view makes it m=impossible to see what’s slated for today, tomorrow, next Thurs.