Menu bar badge isn't showing number of reminders

The dock icon badge shows the same number of tasks as OF1 does in the menu, but the OF2 menu icon just shows a grey diamond with a black checkmark.

Note: I’ve sent this as a bug report.

Thanks for emailing. That’s the best way to get bug reports to us.

There’s an option in the preferences for the task bar icon, but there’s not due or overdue count being update. Is there a plan to get this working soon?

On the latest release notes it says you’re done with features, does this mean as menu bar icon was turned off it’s not coming back? I really miss seeing the count in the menu bar, it’s a great reminder, can we please have it back ASAP?

Yes, that means the menu bar item is not coming back in 2.0.
Also from the release notes:

Menu Bar — Deactivated the menu bar item. This menu bar item was whatever happened to still work after rebuilding the rest of the app. We’d rather build it right later than have folks puzzling over how to use it as is.


This feature is truly missed :(