Migrated Database - Now Can't Access On My Old iPad

Hi folks,

I hurried through launching the most recent update - ver 3.6 Pro (v140.6.0) today, and migrated my database.

And now I can no longer access my OF database from the iPad - the error is “Unable to synchronize database with server, Cannot read sync database.”

The iPad is a Mini 3, with Omnifocus ver 3.3.7 and iOS ver 12.4.5.

Have I made it impossible to use Omnifocus on the iPad at this point?

Pretty frustrated - mainly at myself… ugh!

Once you migrate the database you’ll only be able to access it on devices running OmniFocus 3.6 or later. Since the latest version of OmniFocus requires iOS/iPadOS 13 or later, I don’t think you’ll be able to run it on your iPad mini.

You could potentially revert to a backup. I recommend contacting Omni Group Support for some help. You can reach them by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu (macOS) and Settings (iOS/iPadOS).

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I think @timstringer is correct.

What’s strange is that you were able to migrate the database in the first place. With all database migrations to support new features (and this is confirmed in the 3.6 release notes), the OF apps only prompt for or allow database migration when all client apps synced to the Omni account have been updated to the required version, ie. 3.6 on both Mac & iOS in this case.

In my case (no iPad or probs similar to those of @h2o2wine), I expected to be notified or prompted to migrate once I’d updated OF itself on my iMac, MBP and iPhone.

Because I wasn’t, I went to do it manually (under File >). It worked.

But I just wonder whether by some remote chance 3.6 may be coded in such a way that the checks for anyone who initiates the migration manually are different and cases like that of the OP slip through.

Seems unlikely :-)

@MarkSealey I was prompted on the Mac to migrate about 30 minutes after all my clients were updated (there was a ‘Database ready’ entry in the sync log at that point, and I then made a few updates which got synced), so it looks like the prompt does appear when the sync process has settled down.

I found this support article on the migration process, which is commendably detailed: https://support.omnigroup.com/omnifocus-database-migration

@h2o2wine If you wish to revert to the state before migration, you will find a recent backup file called ‘OmniFocus Before Migrating Database on…’ in your backups folder, which you can access from the ‘File > Show Backups in Finder’ menu on the Mac.

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Thanks, Greg… my impatience as usual :-)

This backup is taken on whichever device does the migration, so you may need to look for it in the Backups section of Settings on an iOS device instead. @h2o2wine if you need help, definitely email omnifocus@omnigroup.com and we can assist.

@MarkSealey the same path is used whether the migration is kicked off manually or not, but OmniFocus only knows about currently syncing devices, and devices that haven’t synced in several weeks will eventually fall off of the clients list. That might explain what happened for OP if there wasn’t a manual migration.

Thanks, @dave! Everything worked perfectly :-) after I ran it myself…

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