Migrating Omnifocus1-Omnifocus2 - Want to start fresh, hide everything before... until review

Hi everyone,

I’m going to try and keep this short. I have an old omnifocus folder hierarchy and project set from omnifocus1. I started fresh (after falling off the wagon) with Omnifocus2 (mac and ios), and I’d like to hide the old folders until I get some time/mental space to review the older items I had in the older program.

Any suggestions? Does OnHold work here? I want to come back to them as part of my “inbox” review- but there’s so much to wade through I need to somehow keep my sanity by starting fresh with simpler lists initially in Omnifocus2.

I appreciate any and all suggestions! I apologize if I’ve missed major posts about this already- searched but didn’t seem to find exactly what I needed. Possibly because it’s too easy. :D


I would recommend making an archive of the old database and then immediately starting anew. You can do this within OF2 by doing the following process:

  1. Backup OF1 database.
  2. Upgrade OF1 database by opening it from OF2.
  3. Follow directions from @tekl in this thread to create a fresh OF2 database.
  4. Use new OF2 database going forward.
  5. Open original OF2 database (your upgraded OF1 database) as needed for review, or to copy/move to the active, fresh OF2 database.

Thank you for the discussion on this TheWart! I’ll hopefully get to this this week. Currently it’s all in the same database, so I may be pushing quite a bit of data via my syncs.

Thanks for the detailed discussion!!