Migrating Out of Omnifocus

Hi everyone

I have been using and loving omnifocus for years (since Omnioutliner and the Kinkless GTD days) but now my needs have changed. I need to use android and windows for work, and I need to be able to share and collaborate on tasks. I am wondering if anyone knows which applications on other platforms I can export my OF data to and what the best processes would be for doing so.


I’d suggest Export as CSV. There are many task apps that can read/import CSV and many other apps that could work with CSV and allow you manipulate to fit your needs.

That said - other task apps (I don’t know Windows or Android, so I can’t offer details) will work in very different ways, so it might make more sense to use your OF export as a reference and build your new task management workflow from scratch.

Thank you for your response. I guess that I had mistakenly thought that when OF integrated the TaskPaper format that it would make exporting into other applications more straight-forward. In any event, I’ll give CSV a try!

The question then becomes “does the other app accept Taskpaper formatted text?” The new app would need to have the ability to import Taskpaper text files.

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