Milestones don't update


I created a project schedule with milestones.

When I add a holiday to the calendar, the dates in the schedule adjust accordingly except for the milestones (presumably because their duration = 0 day). This is not what I want – I want the milestones to adjust as well.

I believe the workaround for this is to change the milestones to tasks. However, I don’t want to do that because I want to pull a report with my milestones.

Does any one know how I can keep my milestones while still have them adjust based on the changes I make to my schedule?

Hope that all made sense. Thanks in advance!

If your milestones have fixed dates, they won’t change automatically. The date you fixed is the date, regardless of calendar changes.

If you make your milestones dependent on completion of tasks, they move as the tasks move.

Each has its own value. A fixed date for something like Financial Year End; a dependent date for something like Scope & Spec Signed Off.

Hope that helps

Thanks, Nick!

How do I remove the fixed dates from my milestones?

Select the milestone, and then in the Inspector, highlight the constraint date(s) (Start no earlier than/End no later than) and delta then. They should then default to the project start date. You can then make them dependent on the relevant tasks and they’ll move to the right place.

Sorry, when you say ‘delta them’, how do you mean?