MindNode transferring projects across to OmniFocus

Hi there,

I am using MindNode to make a mind map and then transferring that across to OmniFocus to turn into projects.

When adding a task to any part of the mind map on MindNode, The tick box always goes to the end of the line.
When transferred across to OmniFocus it means that as soon as I click complete on one action the entire project gets entirely completed. Even if I click the first item i the project all subsequent boxes are immediately completed. I also can not set different due dates for each individual action within a project

I would like to have the projects move over into OmniFocus so that I can click complete for each individual action but so far have not found a way.

Am I missing something?

Thank you for your considerations.

Alex Turner

The projects are also loaded onto OmniFocus as parallel, I have tried changing them to sequential with no change in operation.

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