Misbehaving styles or pilot error?

I just upgraded to OmniOutliner 4 (non-Pro) and I’ve read through the tutorial, but I still don’t understand what’s going on (and not going on…) with styles.

I cannot alter the style of all, say, Level 2 Rows at once. Some of the rows are affected by this operation and some are not. Also, in some cases, changing the font on an individual row changes the size of the row numbering (e.g., “1.”, “2.”) along with the text after the numbering, and in other cases it doesn’t. (Resulting in numbering and text of different sizes.)

Clicking on a row give no indication of what style the row is. I presume this is because anything indented, say, 1 level, should be a level 2 row. If so, I don’t understand why some rows reflect changes and others don’t. (I’ve verified that none of the rows use any named styles to amend the row style.)

I suspect a bug, but perhaps I just haven’t grokked the interface yet. Which, as a (very) long-time OmniGroup software user, is surprising in itself.

The Style Attributes inspector (last tab on the Inspector) is useful for understanding complicated styles.

One unfortunate aspect of the current design is that if you have a row selected, the Style Attributes inspector does not show the attributes applied to text within that row. This can lead to situations like the one you describe, where applying a style attribute to a row or level style affects the row number, but not the contents of the row.

To make sure you don’t have any style attributes applied to the text within the row, place the insertion point inside some text with an unexpected style and check the Style Attributes inspector.

If everything checks out, you might have encountered a bug. Try closing and reopening the document first. If that doesn’t fix it, please send a copy of your document to omnioutliner@omnigroup.com so the Support Humans can take a look at it.

Thanks, Kyle. I think I see what’s going on.

The rows that were unresponsive to my attempts to change all Level 2 rows at once all had row-level properties that were overriding their Level 2 settings. After deleting all of these, changes to the Level X Rows affects all rows as expected.

It would be nice if there were a way to reset, say, a Level 2 row to the default style without having to deselect all the individual customized attributes, like selecting all level 2 rows at once and resetting them to the row style without customizations.

Fortunately, there is! Format > Clear Style will do what you want.