Missing Color for 'due soon' and deferred items

I have set ‘due soon’ to 1 week.
If I have an item which is due in 8 days I see no orange color on the checkmark. So far so good. But if I then start to defer the item 1 day and another day… there suddenly comes the day when I realize that the item is due today because it shines with bright red. I rather would like to see the orange color also for deferred items.
Am I missing something or is this a feature request?

I’m not sure I understand this question. The way I understand, deferred items are greyed because deferred tasks are ones which you cannot currently move forward with for one reason or another. Thus Omnifocus greys them out as they can’t be completed yet. If you wanted to call attention to a deferred item you could always flag it. But not sure why a deferred item would be shown in color otherwise.

Well that is understood. But my assumption is that the due date (and therefore also ‘due soon’) is way more important than any defer time. Imagine you became a task by your boss some time ago with an important deadline. You set a defer date (because there is no start date anymore in the new Omnifocs version) to a date where you think you can start. Then some other projects and task come in and you start to defer your first task day by day. Then suddenly that thing turns red and you realize that you do not have time enough to really complete the task. You are screwed!

… if you rely only on the colours.

But… what if you check your Forecast regularly?
Or eventually a custom Due perspective? (e.g.: group actions by Due; filters by availability: remaining, filters by status: Due Soon)

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