Missing Featues of OF1


as a user of OF1 since the very beginning,
I just bought OF2 Pro to be sure I will get all features of OF2.

Can´t believe that my most important view ist gone:
Perspective of all actions grouped by due, sorted by due
where each action shows project, content, due date (and note)

or with other words:
a perspective, where I can select my preferred columns!
As it was perfect with OF1

Those infos are provided in the forecast view, but past due is not grouped in yesterday - last week and so on.

Nice, but the list ist longer as the infos per action are no longer in one line

Very disappointing in OF2!

I have to return to OF1 ;-(

Wouldn’t creating a perspective to suit your needs be an option? And, maybe using the hint below, from this blog post?

Alternate layout

Use omnifocus:///change-preference?ContentLayout=compact to switch to the compact layout, which only uses one line per task. Note that this layout is experimental and still has some issues. To return to the default layout you can use omnifocus:///change-preference?ContentLayout.

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Thanks for the tipp concerning the layout!
The compact layout is really a good alternative unless you want to klick on the due icon ;-)
Workaround: right click to- complete instead.

But the main problem remains:
You can’t create a perspective where you are able to select the desired columns :-(
project and context in a due view (for example)

One more thing with perspectives: without selecting a context in the side bar, you can not create a new action…

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I see what you mean. I think this has never been a problem to me (selecting desired columns).
The other issue, I noticed now because you mentioned but… it makes sense, right? In a context-based perspective, where should it create the task? Reminder: you can always use Quick-entry for that.

I don’t need the content preselection in the side bar, i just want to see/edit/create my open tasks (with project and context).