Missing keyboard shortcuts

I am not sure if I’m in minority but as a developer I usually use tools that minimizes my usage of mouse. I do everything with keyboard shortcuts. I find that as a core productivity tool OmniFocus seems to be missing a lot of shortcuts.

For example:

  • When creating or editing a task be able to jump to “project” or “tag” instead of having to hit tab repeatedly
  • Shortcuts to jump to due/deferred/start dates
  • Shortcut to add +1 to day or +1 to week to due/deferred/start dates
  • Jump to today

There are a bunch more that I can list here. I am also aware that tools like Keyboard Maestro can help but I just think these are basic shortcuts that should come with the application and I shouldn’t have to use another software to mimic them.



I posted something about this here:

I doubt we’ll see this before OF4.

Have been using Things. The shortcut support in Things is excellent and after being spoiled by Thing’s shortcuts it is very difficult to use OF.

As a user I don’t really care what the underlying reason was (rows or not) for not having shortcuts. I find it very odd that a core productivity app on the mac from a respected developer is missing so many shortcuts at the premium price Omni charges. If the product couldn’t have shortcuts then it means that it wasn’t ready to be shipped.

That’s pretty harsh. A lot of users (myself included) are getting value out of OF3 just the way it is. I would like more keyboard shortcuts, and I agree that Things 3 is miles ahead of OF3 in this regard, but to say that it wasn’t ready to be shipped is quite a stretch.

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