Mobile Indentation?

Would be great to see nested tasks on the iOS version of OmniFocus 2.

The ‘move item’ feature suggests that it’s possible, and the use of Force Touch to ‘peek’ inside a group of tasks is inelegant (and for users without Force Touch, it’s impossible.).


Every version of OmniFocus (starting with the very first release on each device) has full support for nested tasks. On iPhone, items that have children will show a disclosure symbol instead of a status circle, as in the screenshot below. (They also show dots under their title, with each dot representing one child.) You can simply tap on the item to see its children. (Force Touch can be convenient, but isn’t necessary.)

Thanks Ken.

I was hoping for the ability to see everything nested in a project/inbox without having to tap in and out of parent tasks.

Thing is is that I have a lot of tasks with sub tasks, and I’m unable to get a ‘large scale’ view due to having to tap in every single parent task.

Will this feature ever be implemented as an option?


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Can’t agree more! The iPhone version deserately needs that–at least for 6(S) Plus hardware, and to start with landscape mode. It’s incredibly counter-productive to go forward-and-back into each branch to fully understand state and next steps for a project in question.

(this is just one of the many pieces of my continued frustration with how immature is OF UI for hierarchies)…

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That’s a major problem.

3D touch fails to remedy this, because you’re unable to get a birds’ eye view of the entire folder/Inbox, if you have to force touch every single parent task.

I agree and have mentioned this in separate posts on the tedious user interface on iOS (dating as far back as 2014).

Given the emphasis of Omnifocus on subtasks, it’s disappointing that the interface doesn’t give you an overview of parent/child tasks. If you enter the Available or Remaining view, you can only see the child tasks but not the parent task to which they belong. The interface also requires you to drill down the folder/parent/child hierachy level by level - extremely tedious and inefficient.

The iphone 6es (and especially the plus models) have screens large enough for indentation. There’s really no reason why this cannot or shouldn’t be implemented.

The Todoist iOS app makes very good use of this screen estate using indentation. Changing the hierachy of projects/parent/child tasks can also be done easily by dragging and dropping. The Omnifocus team should really look into this (in other words, just copy it). The lack of true start dates is the only thing stopping me from using Todoist.


The 5S and the 5SE definitely also have the screen real estate to support a single-interface nested task system.

If you look at how the ‘move task’ structure works on OmniFocus for iOS, you can clearly see that a single-view nested task system is possible.

I have to say I am immensely puzzled as to why they didn’t implement this feature despite requests over the past few years.

‘Force Touch’ is just an extension of the ‘tap to expand’ hack for nested tasks.

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Looks like we need more votes sent to requesting this – as with any other feature request :-)

Does anyone know if you can create these nested tasks on the iOS versions, or is iOS only able to support the viewing of these sub-hierarchies? I hate having to wait for desktop to sort out the creation of “Someday / Maybe” sublists.

See the online iOS manual section here:


Beautiful. Many, many thanks!