Modified Date That Updates Automatically

I would like to have a column on each row that will be a date type and that would automatically be updated each time the row is updated.

Is it possible ?


Hi, menashehertz,

I also have asked about such a feature, to have the create and/or change date noted conspicuously somewhere, so I can track which entries have been changed and when. I’ve seen no way in OO5 to do so and have not received any response from any developer, so I assume there is none and they don’t yet have plans to add such a feature. Whether they’ll add such a feature in future and when is not clear. There is another outline program, Aquamind’s NoteTaker, that can do this. Hopefully, OO will be able to someday, too.

Thanks fir getting back to me.

I a pretty sure that this can be dome using OmniOutliner Automation script and was hoping for someone to give an example of how.

The documentation on the scripts is rather sparse.