Modify one instance of repeating task

Oftentimes as I enter my weekend, I end up with some work related tasks still on my “hit list” perspective of flagged available tasks.
Naturally, the simple solution is to defer anything I’m not interested in pursuing over the weekend to Monday. However, some of these work tasks are repeating tasks that have defer and due dates. If I were to defer these, then they would repeat with a shorter gap than desired between their next defer and due dates.

For example, there is a repeating task that is due every 72 hours, deferred to about 60 hours earlier than the due date, with a repeat setting of “due again in 72 hours.” Therefore, the next instance of this task will be due 72 hours from completing the prior one, deferred to 60 hours prior. If it’s Saturday morning, and I decide to defer it until Monday, it will hide itself until then and allow me to complete the task as desired. But, once I do, OmniFocus will create a new instance of the task due 72 hours from that point with a defer date too close to the due date and quite different from the desired and originally programmed 60 hours before the due date.
It seems to me the best solution would be to, when modifying the defer or due date of a repeating event that has both, present the user with a choice of “Modify this instance” or “Modify all future instances,” similar to how Calendar handled repeating events.

Has anyone found any creative solutions to this conundrum?


I agree with you that this functionality is desirable. As with all feature requests, send a note to Omni from within your application to create or be added to an existing ticket.

I think the best advice circulating on this issue advises duplicating the repeating task, completing the original instance, and editing the duplicated instance to the desired date/time. This allows the original repeating setup to continue per normal.

I had posted in different thread the following iOS Workflow (now a Shortcut) which allows me to do exactly what I asked about here.
I’ve used it for OF2 for months and it’s been super useful. After upgrading to OF3, it didn’t seem to work anymore. I tried to troubleshoot it but nothing seemed to restore it to functioning.

But today I tried to run it on my iPad instead of my usual iPhone, and to much surprise it worked perfectly as it used to! I cannot for the life of me figure out why it works on one device with OF3 and not another. Is anyone able to take a look and potentially spot something that can be made to work?

The shortcut which works with OF2, and certain devices using OF3:

Before finding out it works on my iPad, I put together a new shortcut which uses Taskpaper as a new method, which doesn’t allow for as many variables to be carried over into the copied task, not provide as snappy and easy of an experience of taking the user where they were to begin with. Here’s the new version which works on all devices but kind of sucks:


As an update, it seems that the recent iOS 12.1 update somehow fixed this issue. It all works as it used to! :)