Modifying keyboard shortcuts in QuickEntry

QuickEntry is great for my workflow, but it’s got this quirk that I’ve been trying to figure out a way around…

I often capture a handful of items with some basic hierarchy. Sometimes this involves navigating up and down, adding items in different places. Most of the keyboard shortcuts work such that I’m able to do this with no problem, except Return, which just saves everything and closes the dialog. In the main window, hitting Return adds another item below the active one at the same level in the hierarchy.

What I end up doing now is Shift–Return to add an item above then drag or Command–Control–Down Arrow to move the item down.

Is there any way to change or short-circuit this behavior?

Yep, there’s a hidden preference for this:


Restart OmniFocus after setting that (If clicking the link doesn’t work, just paste it into your browser).

Hope that helps!


That is just what I needed!!! Thank you!

I can’t believe I’ve been cursing OmniFocus all this time — I wonder why this setting is hidden.

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